Original black fashion jewellery

The history of the famous “black fashion jewellery” began in 1877, when the Feix brothers from Jiřetín in the Jizera Mountains patented black fashion jewellery under the brand name “Rivited Jet”. In 1889, their fashion jewellery was awarded a silver medal at the World Exhibition in Paris. This led to enormous consumer demand, and the brothers developed their black jewellery to a high degree of perfection. After the death of Queen Victoria in 1901, it even became the mourning jewellery of the countries of the British Empire and a global fashion.

Black fashion jewellery is produced using unique enamel and a special technology that makes it possible for designers to create shapes spanning the imagination. The manufacturing tradition has been preserved using cut glass stones from the original production facility and the original manufacturing process. New designs following contemporary fashion are being gradually developed. As a result, you can still buy this beautiful fashion jewellery today. Each model is produced in a limited edition of no more than 5 pieces.