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Jablonec nad Nisou is justifiably called the city of beads, glass, pearls and fashion jewellery. It has a fascinating history and a vibrant present. Come and discover one of the traditional sectors of Czech industry and you will be sure to treasure memories of the experience. The Crystal Paradise Fashion Jewellery Centre offers the best of Czech fashion jewellery, beads and rocailles, Christmas decorations and glass products. Crystal Paradise is a unique project of the Union of Glass and Fashion Jewellery Producers in collaboration with 40 Czech manufacturers.

We offer more than 9,000 products – something for everyone – on a sales area of 450m2.

Offer for tour operators and groups

We welcome organised groups of up to 40 visitors, for whom we offer:

  • Beads, rocailles, fashion jewellery, glass, Christmas decorations and hobby items for sale

  • Year-round interactive creative workshop where guests can make their own bracelets out of glass beads or paint glass shapes, etc.

Sample prices

  • Bracelet of glass beads CZK 50/pc  (EUR2.00)  
  • Painting a glass bird CZK 75/pc. (EUR 3.00)

Upon prior request

  • Demonstration of manufacture of lamp beads and figurines

  • Blowing glass shapes (Christmas decorations, birds, eggs, etc.)

Price CZK 2000 (EUR 80.00) per group


We accept payment in cash or with Visa or Mastercard.

Other services

We can help you prepare your entire visit:

  • Recommendation and booking of accommodation with our partners

  • Restaurant recommendations for lunch/dinner

  • Booking a visit to the glassworks

Contact information

If you are interested in a group visit, please contact us by email at [email protected] and [email protected]

We look forward to your visit!